Zi Jin Mammary Comb 紫金疏乳棒

Zi Jin Mammary Comb


Ergonomic / Not hurting skin / Not painful / Unobstructed mammary gland

Combing breast can massage breast at the same time improve the fluency of mammary gland. Breast Comb is developed and authenticated by actual clinical test, 13 massage granules are specially designed according to the mammary gland location based on human anatomy. Moving the Breast Comb from the bottom part of breast to the areola can concentrate the milk to the front for the ease of breastfeeding or milk pumping, to achieve the effect of unobstructed mammary gland.

【Use it when】

  1. Postpartum:Use it immediately after giving birth. Use it with the strength as brushing hair. Comb the breast 3 times before breastfeeding or milk pumping.
  2. Engorged breasts and obstructed mammary gland:Strength applied should be different from normal situation. Press the side with granules downward as deep as the height of those granules. Comb the breasts 3-5 times before breastfeeding or milk pumping. You may adjust the frequencies and number of rounds according to the degree of obstructed mammary gland.

【How to use it】

  1. Hold Breast Comb, around the non-slip T-area. 
  2. Raise whole arm, comb from supernumerary mammary gland at armpit toward areola, then stop at areola.
  3. One hand gently hold the breast as the other hand hold Breast Comb, comb from the bottom of the breast toward areola, then stop at areola.


  1. Wash your hands before using it.
  2. Use common detergent (eg. soap) to clean the Breast Comb before and after use. Do not use hot water to wash it.
  3. Avoid crashing and dropping as to maintain its function.
  4. Stop using when wound appears.
  5. Ladies with suppression of lactation are not recommended to use this product.