Chung Hwa Sambal Chilli 中華 叁巴辣椒

Sambal Chilli (Front)
  • Sambal Chilli (Front)
  • Sambal Chilli (Back)
Chung Hwa Sambal Chilli 中華 叁巴辣椒


Chung Hwa was established in the 1940s, and continues to adopt traditional fermentation methods for our range of soya sauces. Suitable for marinating, dipping and cooking. Product of Singapore.

Ingredients: Chilli, Belacan, Sugar, Dried Shrimp, Buah Keras, Sodium Benzoate, Ikan Bilis, Benzoate Acid, Onion, Farlic, Assam, Prawn Paste, Acetic Acid, Oil.

Storage Guidelines: Room Temperature and away from Direct Sunlight.

Certifications & Endorsements: ISO22000, HALAL