Zi Jin Tang Miscarriage Confinement 15 Days Meal Package 紫金堂15天小产调理配套

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  • 月子水
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Zi Jin Tang Miscarriage Confinement 15 Days Meal Package


Post-miscarriage recuperation is important, in fact it is considered by the Chinese ancient tradition to be more critical than post-partum recovery. Not only the woman’s body constitution has weakened through the rigours of labour or procedure, it has also gone through psychological stress caused by the miscarriage.

Without proper nourishment and conditioning at this time, the body may experience many ailments and gynaecological issues in the later years such as chills, colds, backaches, irregularities in menstrual cycle and may experience difficulty in subsequent conception.

Whether it is an involuntary miscarriage or an abortion, it is vital for the patient to recuperate completely. There are different emphasis on recovery depending on the following conditions.

The Miscarriage Recuperation Meals are specifically developed by Honorary Chairman of TCM Gynaecology in Taiwan, Dr. Xu Hui Yin. The main feature of this nutritious regimen diet encourages gradual recuperation according to the needs of each individual. It allows the miscarriage woman to rest well with a peace of mind that she would be nursed back to health and regained her strength both physically and psychologically, ready for the next chapter of a new life.

15-Days Package Includes:

  • Concentrated Herbal Soup (200 g) – 30 packs
  • Postpartum Drinks (150g) – 30 packs
  • Postpartum Beneficial Water (200g) – 30 packs