Zi Jin Postpartum Beneficial Water 紫金精酿月子水

Zi Jin Postpartum Beneficial Water


Zi Jin postpartum beneficial water’s strict selection of Japanese national treasure bacteria (Japanese rice yeast), Hualien glutinous rice and Ilan good water, inherit our ancestors’ method of brewing, fermentation, professional automated distillation mining equipment. Through advanced technology, we can extract active ingredients and intact nutrients, no alcohol, artificial chemical additives, artificial flavorings and colour.

Zi Jin postpartum beneficial water is widely used during the postpartum period, end of menstrual cycle, people with physical weakness and post-surgery groups. It can be directly consumed or used for cooking meals, such as: boiled soups, Chinese herbal dishes, dessert and cooking all kinds of food. It is the best nutritional supplement.

Zi Jin postpartum beneficial water is rich in essential amino acids, including: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, valine, histidine (only for children).  Zi Jin postpartum beneficial water can facilitate metabolism, adjust physique, and regulate physiological functions. Nourish body; enhance physical strength, and health maintenance. Appropriate for postpartum or post illness nourishment.

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