Zi Jin Tang Confinement Soup Base Stage 1 -Detox 紫金堂月子调理汤底第一阶段 – 代谢

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Zi Jin Tang Confinement Soup Base Stage 1 -Detox 紫金堂月子调理汤底第一阶段 – 代谢


Zi Jin Tang Confinement Soup Base

Carton Includes: Soup Base – 10 boxes x 3 packets

Stage 1: Detox (1st – 10th day) 第一阶段:代谢(第1 – 10 天)
•This stage aims to revitalize the internal organs of the body
•Remove negative residual substances within the womb
•Eliminates water retention in the body
•Heal scars formed during process of giving birth
•Strengthen the functions of the internal organs such as kidney, liver and womb
•Soup base formulated are more subtle and gentle to facilitate absorption of nutrients


Recommended supplement/nutrients:

  Iron & promote metabolism

During 3rd stage of pregnancy till first 2 months of childbirth, Taiwan Department of Health recommends the daily intake of Iron to be 45mg, 3-4 times the requirement of a normal adult woman.

Ingredients that contain Iron help in:

  • Blood generation
  • Energy cycle
  • Immune system strengthening/improvement
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Toxin & edema elimination
  • Constipation

Ingredients Suggestions: Iron supplementation
•Poultry liver, Red meats (beef or duck), Oysters, Clams
•Brown sugar, Red amaranth, Lima bean, Celery, Garland Chrysanthemum, Gynura bicolor, Corn
Ingredients Suggestions: Promote metabolism
•Ginger, Capsicum annuum /Chillies, Rice wine, Red dates, Red beans, Barley, Chinese yam (cinnamon-vine yam), Lotus seeds, Sweet potatoes