Zi Jin Tang Confinement Soup Base Stage 2 – Restore/Repair 紫金堂月子调理汤底第二阶段 – 修复

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Zi Jin Tang Confinement Soup Base Stage 2 – Restore/Repair
紫金堂月子调理汤底第二阶段 – 修复


Zi Jin Tang Confinement Soup Base

Carton Includes: Soup Base – 10 boxes x 3 packets

Stage 2: Restore/Repair (11th – 20th day) 第二阶段:修复(第11 – 20 天)
•This stage aims to revitalize the internal & external muscle groups of the body
•Huge amount of energy used to “carry” the baby in the womb
•Spine, hips and joints of the body have been overly-exhausted
•Enormous effort used to “push” the baby out
•Eliminate the aches and pains inherent
•Ensure smooth discharge of breast milk for baby-feeding
•Restores the loss of hormones to ensure proper discharge of breast milk
•Shrink the womb which was expanded during birth


Recommended supplement/nutrients:

  Calcium & Collagen

Calcium helps to:

  • Build strong bones , teeth, and prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Regulate muscle contraction
  • Blood clotting
  • Avoid abdominal and visceral relaxation
  • Avoid postpartum bleeding
  • Avoid heart palpitations and other symptoms

Collagen helps to:

  • Maintain/improve skin elasticity & skeleton flexibility.
  • Improve the quality of breast milk (thicker)


Ingredients Suggestions: Calcium supplementation
•Dried fish, Big bone soup, Cheese, Yogurt
•Soybeans and soy products, Black-eyed beans, Chestnut, Okra, Collard greens, Celery, Basil

Ingredients Suggestions: Collagen supplementation
•Meat & skin of all kinds of poultry, livestock & fish, Tendons, Cartilage, Sea cucumber
•White fungus, black fungus, Shanhu Cao (珊瑚草), Durvillaea antarctica (海茸)