Zi Jin Tang DIY 30-day Confinement Meal 紫金堂30天月子套餐

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Zi Jin Tang DIY 30-day Confinement Meal


Soup 浓缩汤底 -30 pks x 3box
Herbal drink 养生饮品-10 pks x 9box
Post partum beneficial water 月子水 – 15 pks x 6box
Tasteforlife Confinement Soups – 30 Days

Concentrated Soup Base Made with Ultra High Pressure Extraction:
– This technology holds pressure for 48 hours by the ultra-high pressure, so that the wall of ingredients can be broken, turn from a solid into liquid.
– The raw materials of beet root, kelp and black bean natto can be fully utilized, and cut into small soluble polysaccharide molecules, peptides and amino acids.

Stage 1: Detox (1st – 10th day) 第一阶段:代谢(第1 – 10 天)
This stage aims to revitalize the internal organs of the body
Remove negative residual substances within the womb
Eliminates water retention in the body
Heal scars formed during process of giving birth
Strengthen the functions of the internal organs such as kidney, liver and womb
Soup base formulated are more subtle and gentle to facilitate absorption of nutrients

Stage 2: Restore/Repair (11th – 20th day) 第二阶段:修复(第11 – 20 天)
This stage aims to revitalize the internal & external muscle groups of the body
Huge amount of energy used to “carry” the baby in the womb
Spine, hips and joints of the body have been overly-exhausted
Enormous effort used to “push” the baby out
Eliminate the aches and pains inherent
Ensure smooth discharge of breast milk for baby-feeding
Restores the loss of hormones to ensure proper discharge of breast milk
Shrink the womb which was expanded during birth

Stage 3: Nourish (21st – 30th day) 第三阶段:滋补(第21 – 30 天)
This stage aims to restore, revitalize and nurse the entire body as a whole at an increasing pace
Recommend to use ingredients with high levels of collagen, Vitamin E & Vitamin B
Vitamins E & B aids to reduce and shrink the womb during birth which may have expanded
Increase immunity system and reinforce vital energy
Slows down the process of ageing
Using strict selection of Japanese national treasure bacteria (Japanese rice yeast), Hualien glutinous rice and I-lan good water, the postpartum beneficial water is brewed using traditional methods, fermented, extracted and treated in a highly sanitized environment.
NO alcohol, NO artificial chemical additives, NO artificial flavorings and colorings.
It can be directly consumed or used for cooking meals, such as: boiled soups, Chinese herbal dishes, dessert and cooking all kinds of food.
Rich in essential amino acids, including: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, valine, histidine (only for children).
Facilitate metabolism, adjust physique, and regulate physiological functions.
Nourish body; enhance physical strength, and health maintenance.
Black beans water, also known as “vegetarian chicken essence”, is capable of promoting blood circulation, eliminating swelling, rich in high quality protein, and help to promote the secretion of milk.