Zi Jin Tang DIY Confinement Meal Trial Pack 紫金堂月子调理体验盒

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Zi Jin Tang DIY Confinement Meal Trial Pack


‘Confinement’ period, which usually lasts for a month, is a traditional practice of postpartum care given to a new mother after the birth of a baby. Many cultures in Asia believe that immediately following childbirth, significant amount of energy is expended and blood is lost; resulting in a weak body constitution which requires immediate replenishment.

However, mothers in general do not have the expertise in confinement, which leads to failing to give postpartum woman the best diet care; postpartum woman do not want the elders to be too tired, and the traditional confinement diet does not have many variation, so how does postpartum woman recuperate without bad appetite?

Make use of this short window of opportunity to achieve complete recovery so that you can revert to your pre-pregnancy state in the shortest possible time. Failing to do so, you may experience a long list of post-partum health issues and many of these ailments persist many years after. Tasteforlife understands the difficulties for families in making the confinement meal. With professional 12 years of experience in the confinement industry, Tasteforlife developed this DIY confinement meal, with complete 30 days conditioning soup base, which allows postpartum woman to get the best conditioning. It allows family members to prepare nutritious ingredients in accordance to postpartum women’s dietary preferences, with diverse tastes that make the confinement period easy and comfortable at home.


Postpartum Confinement Trial Pack

This trial pack offers consumers the opportunity to try out the convenience offered by our DIY Confinement meals. Each pack includes 2 concentrated soup packs and 1 drink pack. Suitable for pregnant ladies.