Zi Jin Tang Herbal Bath紫金堂草本沐浴組

herbal bath
Zi Jin Tang Herbal Bath


Box of 5

Head wiping and body wash during postpartum confinement
Hair washing during menstrual period

This contains special combination of natural Chinese medicine ingredients, which helps women in postpartum confinement to clean head and body. General women can use this Herbal Bathing Package to wash hair during menstrual period as well.


  1. Choose the biggest tub at home. Add about 2000c.c hot water, and then put the Herbal Bathing Package in.
  2. Wait for few minutes until the water turns light brown, and then take out the herbal package.
  3. Add appropriate amount of warm water to the temperature that your skin can tolerate. Use it to wash hair, body or to apply heat compress.


  1. The first tub of herbal bath has the best result; postpartum women are easily to experience muscle and bone pain, it is recommended to apply herbal heat compress or soak in herbal water for the painful area to reduce the symptom. It can be combined with general shampoo or body wash following normal cleaning procedures. (Avoid using irritating or too cold cleaning products)
  2. Do not have contact with eyes while cleaning with Herbal Bath Package, and dry body immediately after wash to avoid catching cold.
  3. This Herbal Bath Package can be used 3~4 times. For repeated use, put Herbal Bathing Package into fridge after it has cooled down.
    (This Herbal Bathing Package is made from natural herbs without preservatives, please store it properly)

【Ingredients/ Net weight】
Nepeta, Argy Wormwood Leaf, and other natural Chinese medicine/50g±5g

【Manufacture/ Expiry Date】
See the outer package/ one year/ please store in cool dry area

【Country of origin】